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Editing with Multiple Users
2. Person B opens the same table or query, or a form or other query based
on the same table that Person A is editing. Person B starts making
changes in the same record that Person A is editing.
3. When Person A or Person B tries to save the record, Access displays the
Write Conflict dialog box, shown in Figure 2-3.
If one person clicks the Save Record button, his or her changes write
over whatever changes the other person made in the record. Not
good. If that person clicks the Drop Changes button, he or she loses
the changes in process. Also not good. Clicking the Copy to Clipboard
button allows a user to compare the two people’s changes and then
choose between them or combine them. (This process usually is a pain;
you have to check with the other person, compare changes, and decide
which changes to keep.)
Figure 2-3:
Two people
are trying
to change
this record
at the same
The No Locks option usually is a bad choice, because people can end up
losing changes to records. Why not let Access prevent this situation from
happening? Sometimes, the computer really does know best.
The solution is for Access to lock the information that someone is editing.
While the user is editing the information, no one else can make any changes.
When the first person saves the changes, the next person can start editing.
Each person takes a turn, which is simple enough.
All Records (Locks the whole table)
If you choose the All Records option, when someone starts editing a record,
Access locks the entire table that contains the record. When someone else
tries to edit any record in the table, Access just beeps and refuses to allow
changes. This option means that two people can’t change different records
at the same time. Some databases require this option, especially if each
record contains information based on the records before it. In most
databases, however, each record stands on its own, so you can allow
simultaneous editing of separate records.
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