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Editing with Multiple Users
What’s happening behind the scenes?
Whenever anyone opens an Access database,
Access creates a locking information file that
contains information about who’s doing what
with the information in the database. Even if
only one person opens the database, Access
makes the file in the same folder and with the
same filename as the database, but with the
extension .laccdb . (People usually refer to
this file as the LDB file. ) When you close the
database, Access deletes the file. If more than
one person has the database open, Access
doesn’t delete the file until the last person
closes the database.
You can also write VBA code to control the way that tables and records are
locked. See Book VIII, Chapter 5 for details on writing VBA code that edits
If you want different people to have permission to see or change different
information, you need to find out about the Access security features, which
we describe in Chapter 3 of this minibook.
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