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Locking Up Your Database As an .accde File
8. Type the database password once in each box.
If you don’t type the password the same way in both boxes, Access
complains, and you have to type them again.
Capitalization counts in passwords. A password can contain up to 20
characters and can include letters, numbers, and some punctuation.
9. Click OK.
Encryption may take a few minutes. You may see a message if your
database uses any features that are incompatible with encryption.
Opening a password-protected database
After you set a password, whenever you try to open the database (or when
anyone else does), the Password Required dialog box appears.
If you forget your database password, you’re hosed. No command, service,
or secret incantation can get your password back.
What happens if another database (one with no password) links to your
password-protected database? Answer: When you create a link to a
passwordprotected database, Access asks you for the password. If you don’t know it,
you can’t create the link. After you create the link, however, Access saves
the password, so you can see the linked table without entering a password.
Therefore, you have an unguarded back door into your password-protected
database (to the linked tables in your database, at least). Keep this fact in
mind when you split databases into a front end and a back end.
Passwordprotecting the back-end database does no good if the front-end databases
that link to it aren’t protected too.
Book VII
Chapter 3
Decrypting a database
You can change your mind about encrypting a database. Click the File tab of
the Ribbon, choose Info, and click the Decrypt Database button.
Locking Up Your Database As an .accde File
If you make an Access database for other people — especially people who
may be a teeny bit clueless about Access — you may want to lock your
database to prevent other users from making changes that may break it. One
option is to convert your database from an .accdb file to an .accde file.
We hear you asking, “What’s an .accde file?” An .accde file is the same as
a regular Access .accdb database file, with the following changes:
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