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Working with Visual Basic Editor
Working with Visual Basic Editor
Regardless of how you open a module, you end up in Visual Basic Editor,
which is where you write, edit, and test your VBA code. VBE is separate from
the Access program window. If you click outside the VBE window, the window
may disappear, because whatever window you clicked comes to the front.
Visual Basic Editor retains the view that it had in previous versions of
Access, with no Ribbon or Navigation Pane. In fact, VBE is similar to
Microsoft Visual Studio, the integrated development environment used for
all kinds of programming in Microsoft products.
Like all program windows, VBE has its own Windows taskbar button, as
shown in the top half of Figure 1-7. If the taskbar is particularly crowded
with buttons, the editor and Access may share a taskbar button, as shown in
the bottom half of Figure 1-7. If you suddenly lose the VBE window, click its
taskbar button to bring the window back to the top of the stack of program
windows on your desktop.
Figure 1-7:
buttons for
Access and
Visual Basic
In most versions of Windows, you can right-click the Windows taskbar and
choose Show Windows Stacked from the contextual menu to make all open
program windows visible onscreen without overlap.
VBE provides many tools that are designed to help you write code. Most of
the tools are optional and can be toggled via VBE’s View menu. Figure 1-8
shows the windows. We provide more information on each of the optional
windows when they become relevant to the type of code we’re
demonstrating. For now, showing you how to make these windows appear and
disappear is sufficient.
Chapter 1
You can move and size most of the windows in VBE by using standard
methods. You can move most windows by dragging their title bars, for example,
and size windows by dragging any corner or edge. Most of the time, you
won’t need to have all those optional windows open to write code. Feel free
to close any optional window that’s open in your editor by clicking its Close
(X) button. To open a window, open the View menu and choose the name of
the window you want to open.
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