Microsoft Office Tutorials and References
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Working with Visual Basic Editor
Figure 1-8:
Visual Basic
If you have multiple monitors connected to your computer, you can put the
Access window on one monitor and the VBE window on the other.
Using the Code window
The Code window is where you type your VBA code. Similar to a word
processor or text editor, the Code window supports all the standard Windows
text-editing techniques. You can type text and press the Backspace and
Delete keys on your keyboard to delete that text. You can press the Tab key
to indent text. You can select text by dragging the mouse pointer through
it. You can copy and paste text to and from the Code window. In short, the
Code window is a text editor.
The Code window acts like the document window in most other programs.
Click its Maximize button, shown near the mouse pointer at the top of Figure
1-9, to enlarge it. To restore it to its previous size, click the Restore Window
button, shown at the bottom of that same figure.
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