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Figure 1-12:
The Object
Classes list: This list shows the names of all classes in the currently
selected library or project name (or all libraries).
Members list: When you click a name in the Classes list, this pane shows
the members (properties, methods, events, functions, objects) that
belong to that class.
Details pane: When you click a member name in the Members list, the
Details pane shows the syntax for using the name, as well as the name
of the library to which the member belongs. You can copy text from the
Details pane to the Code window.
Split bar: Drag the Split bar left or right to adjust the size of the panes.
(Drag any edge or corner of the Object Browser window to size the
window as a whole.)
Chapter 1
Searching the Object Library
For a beginning programmer, the sheer quantity of items in the Object
Browser is daunting, but finding details about the prewritten code that you
pick up elsewhere is useful.
Suppose that you find and use a procedure that has a DoCmd object in it,
and you’re wondering what this DoCmd thingy is. You can search the Object
Library for information about any object, including DoCmd, by following
these steps:
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