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Discovering Code As You Go
4. Click OK when your conversion is complete.
To see the name of the converted macro, expand the Modules category, as
shown in Figure 1-18. The name of the module is Converted Macro -
followed by the name of the macro you converted.
Figure 1-18:
A macro
converted to
a module.
To see the converted macro as VBA code, double-click its name. Like all VBA
code, the code from the converted macro opens in the VBE Code window, as
shown in Figure 1-19.
Figure 1-19:
macro in
the Code
Chapter 1
Copying and pasting code
Many VBA programmers post examples of their own code on their web
pages. When you come across some sample code that you want to
incorporate into your own database, retyping it all into Visual Basic Editor isn’t
necessary. Instead, just use standard Windows copy-and-paste techniques to
copy the code from the web page to VBE.
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