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Typing and Editing in the Code Window
Basic Editor were to word-wrap, you wouldn’t know exactly where one line
ends and the next one begins.
Sometimes, you end up typing a statement that extends beyond the right
border of the window. The line in Figure 2-12 that begins with AnyText = is
actually much longer than it appears. Most of the line is invisible, cut off at
the right margin. The statement works as is. Still, you may want to see the
entire statement when you’re writing, testing, or modifying your code.
Figure 2-12:
Line starting
is cut off in
If you want to break a single long statement into two or more lines, you
must insert a continuation character (an underscore _) at the end of the line
just before you press Enter to break the line. Essentially, the continuation
character tells Access, “The line break that follows isn’t the end of this
statement. Rather, I want to break up this lengthy line.” Figure 2-13 shows the
lengthy line broken into three shorter lines with continuation characters.
Chapter 2
Figure 2-13:
Line starting
broken into
three lines.
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