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Using Wizards
When the Info command is selected, as in Figure 2-5, you see buttons that
allow you to compact or repair a database, or encrypt it with a password.
You can also choose the following commands below Info in the left pane:
Book I
Chapter 2
New: Shows you ways to create a new database.
Open: Displays several locations that might contain the database you
want to open, among them Recent, SkyDrive, and Computer (refer to
“Opening a Database,” earlier in this chapter).
Save: Saves the active database.
Save As: Saves the active database or file in any of several file types;
also enables you to create an executable-only file or to back up your
Print: Prints the selected object. Note: This command is the only one in
Backstage View that affects only the object that was selected when you
clicked the File tab.
Close: Closes the database.
Account: Displays some information about this instance of Access and
gives you the option of selecting a background theme.
Options: Displays the Access Options dialog box, which enables you to
configure the Access program, including customizing the Ribbon and the
Quick Access toolbar.
Using Wizards
Years ago, in a land far, far away (Washington state, actually), Microsoft
invented wizards, programs that step you through the process of executing
a commonly used command. Instead of scrolling through a big, hairy-looking
dialog box with zillions of options, you step through a wizard, which asks
you one or two questions at a time and uses the information you’ve already
provided before asking for more input. All programs in Microsoft Office,
including Access, come with wizards.
Wizards appear in windows that pop up in response to a command. All
Microsoft wizards ask a series of questions. Answer each question and click
the Next button at the bottom of the window to move to the next step. If you
want to go back and change the answer you gave in an earlier window, click
the Back button. You can bag the whole thing by clicking Cancel. The Finish
button is unavailable until you’ve provided enough information for the
wizard to complete its task.
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