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Getting Help
When you’re using a wizard, you can select an item in a list by clicking a single
arrow pointing to the right or select all items in a list by clicking a double
arrow pointing to the right. Deselect an item by clicking an arrow button
that points to the left. If you have questions, refer to the section of the book
about that particular wizard.
Getting Help
Access offers online help, which can be quite useful, so it’s worth learning
how to use it. Here’s the drill for asking the Access help system a question:
1. Click the Help button (the question-mark icon in the top-right corner
of the Access window), or press F1.
The Access Help window appears.
2. Type some search words in the Search box (labeled Search Online
Help) and then press Enter or click the magnifying-glass icon.
Access searches its help system for matches and displays any search
3. Click the result that seems to apply to what you’re looking for.
We find the following websites to be helpful for getting answers to questions
about Access:
Access for Developers:
The Access Web:
Microsoft Support:
Microsoft TechNet:
Saving Time with Keyboard Shortcuts
Some people like to keep their hands on the keyboard as much as possible.
For a fast typist, pressing keys is quicker and more efficient than pointing
and clicking with the mouse. For those nimble-fingered folks, Access (like
most other Windows programs) includes keyboard shortcuts — key
combinations that issue the same commands that you normally choose from the
To activate KeyTips, which help you navigate the Ribbon without the mouse,
follow these steps:
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