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Chapter 3: Designing Your Database the Relational Way
Book I
Chapter 3
Data Type
What It Holds
Rich Text
The Rich Text data type supports such properties as bold , italic ,
and font changes.
The Number data type supports only numbers. You may enter +
or – before the number and a decimal point. Number fields come
in a bunch of sizes, depending on how large the numbers are
and how many decimal places you want to store (see Book II,
Chapter 2).
The Currency data type is for numbers with a currency sign in
front of them ($, ¥, and so on). You can do numeric calculations
with these fields.
This data type is for numbers that are unique to each record; it’s
assigned by Access as you add records, starting at 1 .
These fields calculate (what else?) dates and times.
OLE Object
The OLE (Object Linking and Embedding) Object data type allows
you to embed files containing other kinds of data in your
database. When you’re creating a new database, however, consider
using the Attachment data type instead, because it stores data
more efficiently than the OLE Object data type does.
This text string is formatted as a hyperlink. (If you click the link, it
takes you to the page.) It’s especially useful if there’s information
on the web (or your organization’s intranet) that relates to the
data in your table.
This data type indicates whether a particular condition is in
effect. It can be used for any two words, such as True/False ,
On/Off , and Male/Female .
Using a system called complex data, you can store one or more
entire files — pictures, sound, Microsoft Word documents, and
even video — in one Attachment field. You can store a picture
of a person, for example, or three Microsoft Excel spreadsheets
containing data that relates to a transaction.
With this data type, you enter a formula that Access uses to
calculate the value of this field based on other fields in the table.
A field named Markup , for example, could be calculated as
SellingPrice – OurCost .
This wizard creates a field that enables you to choose a value
from another table or from a list of values, such as a combo box
or list box. The data type assigned to the field is the same as it
was at the source.
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