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Working with Object Libraries
Exploring object libraries
After adding a reference to a program’s object model, you can explore that
program’s objects, properties, and methods through the Object Browser.
To open the Object Browser from Visual Basic Editor, choose View Object
Browser or press F2. When you open the Object Browser, it shows the
objects for everything VBA has access to. To limit the list to a specific
library, choose the library’s name from the Project/Library drop-down menu
in the top-left corner of the Object Browser window. In Figure 1-2, we chose
Excel to show only the classes and members related to Microsoft Excel, and
then chose Application from the list of Classes to display the members of the
Application class.
Book IX
Chapter 1
For more information on object models and object libraries, see Book VIII,
Chapter 1.
Figure 1-2:
Use the
to view a
Each application exposes a lot of objects to VBA — way too many for you (or
any sane person) to remember. We don’t have enough room in this topic to
define every property and every method for each Office application. We’d
probably need a book just for each application, which wouldn’t make too
many trees very happy, would it? Instead, you have to be able to get the
information you need when you need it.
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