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Merging Data with a Word Document
3. Scroll down to the Show Document Content section, and select the
Show Bookmarks option.
4. Click OK.
Now you can insert bookmarks into your Word template.
5. Move the cursor to where you want the bookmark to appear in the
Word document.
6. Type a short, meaningful name for the bookmark.
The name can’t contain spaces or punctuation, and it must start with a
7. Select the text by double-clicking the name you just typed, and copy it
to the clipboard by pressing Ctrl+C.
8. On the Word Ribbon, click the Insert tab and then click Bookmark in
the Links group.
The Bookmark dialog box appears, as shown in Figure 1-5.
Figure 1-5:
to a Word
( .dotx )
9. Paste the typed name into the Bookmark Name field by pressing
10. Click the Add button to create the bookmark.
Square brackets appear around the text to indicate the bookmark.
For this example, create three bookmarks — CurrentDate,
AccessAddress, and AccessSalutation — and then save the .dotx file
in the same folder as your database.
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