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Using ODBC
This dialog box lets you create a user data source, which can be used
only by the current user, or a system data source, which can be used by
any users of the machine. If many users log in to this computer, creating
a system data source is the better option because you won’t have to
create one for each user.
Book IX
Chapter 2
To create a system data source, you must be logged in to the computer
with administrative rights. If you don’t have administrative rights, you
won’t be allowed to create a system data source.
2. Select User Data Source or System Data Source and then click Next to
display the list of ODBC drivers, as shown in Figure 2-4.
The list contains all the available ODBC drivers installed on your computer.
Some may appear to be in other languages, such as Spanish or German.
Figure 2-4:
Select the
If you’re connecting to a database and don’t see a specific driver in the
list, you may have to download and install it. Search the Internet for
your database, entering the phrase ODBC driver after the database name
Oracle ODBC driver, MySQL ODBC driver, and so on). (
3. Scroll down and click the SQL Server driver, and then click Next to
display the confirmation page for creating a new data source.
4. Click Finish to start another wizard for configuring the SQL Server
data source (see Figure 2-5).
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