Microsoft Office Tutorials and References
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Using ODBC
Book IX
Chapter 2
Figure 2-6:
Choose how
to log in to
SQL Server.
Figure 2-7:
the default
8. Select the Change the Default Database To check box, choose the
desired database from the drop-down menu, and then click Next.
If you’d like to find out about the other options that are available, click
the Help button.
If you click Next, and the wizard won’t let you continue because your
server name is wrong or the login fails, make sure that you’ve typed
everything correctly. If so, check with your system administrator to
make sure that you have the necessary login rights.
9. In the next screen of options, make any changes you want or accept
the default settings; then click Finish.
Usually, the default settings on this page of the wizard are okay, but if
you want to know more about these options, click the Help button.
The ODBC Microsoft SQL Server Setup confirmation dialog box appears,
displaying the settings that you’ve entered over the past few minutes.
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