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Using ODBC
10. At the bottom of the dialog box, click the Test Data Source button to
make sure that all the settings, login IDs, and passwords are entered
If you click this button and see the message TESTS COMPLETED
SUCCESSFULLY!, you did a good job. If not, go back and tweak your
11. When you have a successful connection, click OK in the ODBC
Microsoft SQL Server Setup dialog box.
You’re taken back to the initial Select Data Source dialog box (refer to
Figure 2-3, earlier in this chapter); this time, the data source you created
12. Select your new data source, and click OK.
Just when you thought that no more windows would appear, you’re
prompted to log in to SQL Server again. If you’re one of the lucky ones
using Windows NT Authentication, you get to skip ahead to Step 14.
13. If you’re using SQL Server Authentication as described earlier in Step
7, enter the login ID and the password, and click OK.
The Link Tables dialog box appears, as shown in Figure 2-8. This dialog
box is where you select which tables to link to. The dialog box also lists
a bunch of system tables that you normally don’t see; you can ignore
these tables.
Figure 2-8:
tables and
views to
link to.
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