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Using a SharePoint List As a Data Source
sharing information, and Access is fully capable of using SharePoint to share
and manage this information.
To use SharePoint, you must have access to a SharePoint server. If you work
for a medium-size to large organization, chances are good that the
organization uses one or more SharePoint servers for collaboration. If not — and if
you can’t afford the cost of installing and maintaining your own SharePoint
server — you can rent one from a SharePoint hosting site. Just open your
favorite Internet browser and search for SharePoint hosting; then get out
your credit card, and start sharing.
Using a SharePoint List As a Data Source
A SharePoint list is a table in which SharePoint stores its data. Just like an
Access table, a SharePoint list contains columns or fields that define the
items and rows that house the information. From the Access interface, you
can create new lists on a SharePoint server or link to an existing list.
Creating a new SharePoint list
If you want to create a SharePoint list on the server — one that the SharePoint
administrators and developers didn’t already create — you can do so from
within Access. To create a new SharePoint list, follow these steps:
1. Click the SharePoint Lists button in the Tables group on the Create tab
of the Ribbon.
Access displays a drop-down menu of choices, as shown in Figure 3-1.
Figure 3-1:
lists from
the Create
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