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Using a SharePoint List As a Data Source
SharePoint allows you to choose from five types of lists:
Book IX
Chapter 3
Contacts: Create a contacts list when you want to manage information
about people with whom your team works, such as customers and
Tasks: Create a tasks list when you want to track a group of work
items that you or your team members need to complete.
Issues: Create an issues list when you want to manage issues or
problems. You can assign, prioritize, and follow the progress of issues
from start to finish.
Events: Create an events list when you want a calendar-based view of
upcoming meetings, deadlines, and other important events.
Custom: Create a custom list when you want to specify your own
Each of these five options walks you through the steps of creating a
new SharePoint list. (We discuss the menu’s sixth option — Existing
SharePoint List — in “Linking to an existing SharePoint list,” later in this
chapter.) If you choose Contacts, the Create New List dialog box for a
Contacts list appears, as shown in Figure 3-2.
Figure 3-2:
a new
2. In the Specify a SharePoint Site text box, type the address of the
SharePoint server.
This address typically looks like the URL of an Internet site. You need
to get this information from your SharePoint administrator or your
SharePoint hosting site.
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