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Using a SharePoint List As a Data Source
After you specify a site in Access, it appears in the Site Address list of
the Create dialog box whenever you create and manage a list.
3. In the Specify a Name for the New List text box, type a name for the
If you’re creating a catalog of products for your company, for example,
you might give the list a name such as Catalog.
4. Enter a description of the new list.
Don’t be too wordy, but type something that will be meaningful to
others who use this new list.
5. Select the Open the List When Finished check box if you’d like Access
to open the list after you create it, or deselect the check box if you
want to create the list without opening it afterward.
6. After you enter all the information for the new list, click OK.
Access shows a login screen for the SharePoint server you specified in
Step 2.
Depending on the configuration of your SharePoint site, you may have to
log in to your site before you can continue.
7. If prompted, enter the username and password for this SharePoint site
and then click OK.
If you selected the Open the List When Finished option in Step 5, the
new list appears in the Access window, and a linked table appears in the
Navigation Pane, as shown in Figure 3-3.
Figure 3-3:
The new
list in
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