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Using a SharePoint List As a Data Source
Figure 3-4:
lists to
link to.
You may notice that when you create a new list or link to an existing list,
some other linked tables appear in the Access Navigation Pane. If these lists
are linked in SharePoint, they also need to be part of the Access database
that’s manipulating them. So don’t be alarmed if you see linked tables that
you didn’t create or select. Access is smart enough to know that you need
them; it just brings these lists along for the ride and shows them as linked
Moving an existing database to SharePoint
If you’ve already taken the time to build an Access database with tables,
queries, forms, and reports that all work together and are automated with
modules and macros, you don’t have to reinvent the wheel in SharePoint.
Access provides a tool that moves your existing tables to SharePoint and
links them to the Access database.
To move your database to a SharePoint site, follow these steps:
1. Click the SharePoint button in the Move Data group on the Database
Tools tab of the Ribbon.
The Export Tables to SharePoint Wizard launches.
2. In the first wizard screen, enter the SharePoint site where you’ll place
these tables as SharePoint lists.
If you’ve used your SharePoint site before, the address appears in the
list of available sites. If you’re moving these tables to a site that’s not in
the list, type the new site information in the provided text box.
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