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Using a SharePoint List As a Data Source
3. Click Next.
Book IX
Chapter 3
If SharePoint requires additional authentication, you’re prompted for
the login information for the SharePoint site.
Depending on the configuration of your SharePoint site, you may have to
log in to your site before you can continue.
4. If prompted, enter your username and password, and click OK.
Access creates the SharePoint lists, moves the data from Access to
these lists, and then links these lists to the Access database. If
everything goes smoothly, Access displays a message that the tables have
been shared successfully (see Figure 3-5).
Figure 3-5:
in moving
tables into
5. Click the Show Details check box of the confirmation window to show
the summary of what Access did.
You see that Access created new lists on the specified SharePoint site
and made a backup copy of the original database.
6. Click Finish.
Your database opens, displaying the linked tables in addition to your
other database objects.
If something goes wrong — if Access can’t move the tables to the SharePoint
site or other issues occur during the process — the wizard creates a table
called Move to SharePoint Site Issues that lists the issues that prevented the
tables from being moved. Just open this table in Datasheet view to review
and correct these issues as they’re found.
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