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Designing Custom Web Apps
Book IX
Chapter 3
Figure 3-10:
the new
Adding a new blank table
If you don’t see a template for information you want to track, you’re free
to create a table from scratch. You can define the fields, data types, and
description, just as you do in a desktop database.
To create a custom table, follow these steps:
1. Click the Table button in the Create group on the Home tab of the
The Add Tables tab appears, displaying the name of the app as the tab’s
title (refer to Figure 3-9, earlier in this chapter).
2. Click the Add a New Blank Table link.
Access displays the table designer, along with the (Table Tools) Design
3. Enter field names, data types, and optional descriptions for the fields
you want to track.
4. Click the Save button on the Quick Access toolbar.
The Save As dialog box appears.
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