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Designing Custom Web Apps
5. Enter a table name, and click OK.
Access saves the table and creates the List and Datasheet views (see
Figure 3-11).
Figure 3-11:
Creating a
new blank
6. Click the table’s Close button.
Access closes the table.
As you continue to add tables to your app, they appear in the Navigation
Pane and on the app’s main tab with a star to the left.
Launching your app
As you build your app, it’s wise to take a look at how it’s going to look to
the end user. Custom Web Apps are designed to be used in a web browser,
so you should review your app every now and then to be sure it’s what you
want to create.
To launch your app on the Internet, click the Launch App button in the View
group on the Home tab of the Ribbon (refer to Figure 3-9, earlier in this
chapter). Access launches your browser to display your app (see Figure 3-12).
Depending on the configuration of your SharePoint site, you may have to
log in to your site before you see your app in the browser. Work with your
SharePoint administrator to determine the best method for allowing users to
access the site without a username and password.
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