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Designing Custom Web Apps
Book IX
Chapter 3
Figure 3-17:
of a control
in a view.
To modify visual properties (such as font size, color, and alignment) of
the selected control, for example, click the buttons in the Font group on
the (View) Design tab on the Ribbon.
The list of properties and event properties available in an app is smaller
than the list available in a desktop database. A text box control in a desktop
database has a property sheet that goes on and on and on, for example,
whereas in a Custom Web App, the list is much shorter (see Table 3-1).
Table 3-1
Properties and Events of a Text Box Control
Control Name
On Click
Control Source
After Update
Default Values
Input Hint
For more information on designing forms in Design view and on adding and
moving controls (such as fields, buttons, and visual elements), see Book IV.
Adding actions
Making your app do stuff is the true power of using a database. Any
database can store information and present that information to the user, but if
you want something to happen when a user performs a certain action, such
as clicking a button or entering data in a field, it’s your job as app creator to
make that action happen.
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