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Designing a Database
You could start out with a design like this, with two tables called Products
and Customers:
Product Code
Cover Photo
Taxable (Yes/No)
Shipping Weight
Vendor Name
Product Type
Product Notes
First Name
Last Name
Street Address
Zip or Postcode
Payment Method
Credit Card Number
Credit Card Exp. Date
Check Number
Tax Exempt (Yes/No)
Product 1
Product 2
Product 3
Shipping Cost
Sales Tax
Total Price
Purchase Date
When you create the tables and fields in Access, you may not want to use
spaces in your table and field names. During the design process, use
readable English phrases for your table and field names, and consider removing
the spaces or replacing them with underscores later. Access works fine with
spaces in table and field names, but most database programs don’t. If you
end up moving or linking your database with another database program,
you’ll have trouble. In your forms and reports, you can use more-readable
names for your tables and fields. In these examples, we’re leaving the spaces
in the names to make the examples easier to follow.
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