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Finding a translation
Finding a translation
If you exchange files with friends or coworkers who speak
another language, you might find the translation tools that
Word offers to be useful. You can get the translation of selected
text in the Research pane, in your web browser, or in the Mini
Translator that pops up next to the selection. You can even
request a translation of the entire document.
Choose translation languages
1 On the Review tab, in the Language group, click Translate and then
click Choose Translation Language.
The Translation Language Options dialog box opens.
2 Select the language that you want the Mini Translator to use.
3 Select the source and destination languages that you want the
Research pane and the web-based translator to use.
You can change these choices when the Research pane or the web-
page appears.
4 If Microsoft makes available updates to the translation feature,
the New Translation Services link appears. Click it to download the
5 Click OK.
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