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Finding a translation
use the Mini Translator
1 On the Review tab, in the Language group, click Translate. Click
Mini Translator to turn it on, if it isn’t already turned on.
2 Select the text that you want translated.
3 Hold the cursor over the selected text until the Mini Translator
4 Click Expand to open the Research pane for more information
about the translation.
5 Click Copy to copy the contents of the Mini Translator to the
6 Click Play to hear the translation spoken aloud.
For this feature to work, you must install a text-to-speech engine
for the language that you want to use.
7 Click Help to read more about translation features.
8 If Microsoft makes available updates to the translation feature, the
Update Services icon appears. Click it to download the updates.
7 8
sEE ALso For information about installing text-to-speech
engines, search the Word Help for the topic “Using the Speak
feature with Multilingual TTS.”
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