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Creating and modifying styles
6 Change the desired formats in the dialog box—for example, the
Font dialog box—and click OK. Repeat steps 5 and 6 to change
other formats for the same style.
7 After you complete all the desired changes in the style’s definition
(which are shown in the preview along with the style’s description),
click OK.
CAuTIon Do not select the check box for the Automatically
Update option. When you select that option for a style, any
formatting change you make in a paragraph with that style is automati-
cally saved to the style’s definition. The change then appears in all
other paragraphs of the document that have the same style, which
probably is not what you intended. If you select that check box by
accident or it has been selected in a document you received from
someone else, follow the procedure in
ting/WholeDocumentReformatted.htm .
TIP If you choose to save the modified style in the document’s
template, you’ll be prompted to save the template. If you want
to keep the change in the template, you must click the Yes button in
the prompt dialog box.
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