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Creating and modifying styles
Create a new style by using a dialog box
1 On the Home tab, in the Styles group, click the dialog box launcher
(shortcut, Ctrl+Alt+Shift+S).
2 Click the New Style button.
3 In the Create New Style From Formatting dialog box, enter a name
for the new style.
4 In the Style Based On list, select the existing style that most closely
resembles the desired appearance of the new style.
Any formats that you don’t change in the new style will be inherited
from the style in the Style Based On box.
5 In the Style For Following Paragraph list, select a style.
This style will automatically be applied to the next paragraph
when you press Enter at the end of a paragraph that uses the new
style. For example, a style for a heading element typically specifies
Normal as the style for the paragraph that follows it.
6 Set the character formats and paragraph formats of the style.
7 If you want your changes to be saved in the document’s template,
click the New Documents Based On This Template option.
8 After you complete all the desired changes in the style’s definition
(which are shown in the preview along with the style’s description),
click OK.
sEE ALso For information about setting a style’s character
formats and paragraph formats, see “Modify an existing style by
using a dialog box” on page 95.
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