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Changing the character formatting of text
4 Click the arrow on the Font Color button and point to one of the
colors in the gallery.
Look at the live preview in the selected text as you point to differ-
ent colors. The group of colors in the Theme Colors section changes
when you select a different theme, but the group of colors in the
Standard Colors section never changes.
5 Click any of the other buttons in the bottom row of the Font group
to apply bold, italic, underline, strikethrough, subscript, or super-
script settings as direct formatting.
6 Click the Change Case button and then, in the drop-down list that
appears, click one of the items.
TIP The font color named Automatic styles text as black when
the background shading is white or a light color; if the back-
ground shading is a dark color, the text appears as white.
TRY ThIs Select some text and keep the mouse cursor
pointing to the selection or right-click the selection. The mini
toolbar appears, in which you can access some of the same font
formatting items as those on the Home tab.
sEE ALso For information about using keyboard shortcuts to
apply direct font formatting, see “Using built-in keyboard
shortcuts” on page 18.
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