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Applying highlighting
Applying highlighting
At some time or another, you have probably used a highlighter
pen to emphasize printed text with a bright background color,
perhaps as a study aid or to ensure that someone sees an
important passage. Word 2013 has a tool that you can use in
the same fashion to highlight text in your document with a
range of colors.
highlight some text
1 Select some text in your document.
2 On the Home tab, in the Font group, click the down-arrow on the
Text Highlight Color button and then, in the gallery that opens,
click the color that you want to use to highlight the selected text.
TIP When you select a highlight color, it remains selected until
you choose a different color, even when you shut down and
restart Word. To use that color again, just click the main part of the
Text Highlight Color button (not the down-arrow). To remove high-
lighting from text, select that text and choose No Color in the highlight
color gallery.
TIP You can search for highlighted text by using the Format
button in the expanded Advanced Find dialog box.
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