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Changing paragraph alignment and indents
4 To move the left indent of the selected paragraphs in half-inch (1.27
cm) increments, in the Paragraph group, click either the Increase
Indent or Decrease Indent button, as needed.
5 To move the left indent or right indent (or both) to any positions,
drag the margin markers along the horizontal ruler.
6 To set a first-line indent or a hanging indent, drag one of the two
sections of the left margin marker along the horizontal ruler.
The upper section sets the first-line indent; the lower section sets
the hanging indent.
CAuTIon If you use the shortcut Ctrl+E or Ctrl+J to change
the alignment of selected paragraphs, be careful not to press
the Shift key at the same time. The Ctrl+Shift+E shortcut activates the
Track Changes feature. The Ctrl+Shift+J shortcut sets Distributed
alignment, which is similar to Justified alignment except that the last
line of the paragraph is also stretched to the right margin, no matter
how short the line is.
Top half: First-line indent
Bottom half: Hanging indent
TIP In previous versions of Word, the Justify alignment always
increased the widths of the spaces between words. In Word
2013, the widths of spaces may be either increased or decreased to get
the best appearance. This usually results in better appearance, but be
aware that it might change the line endings and page breaks in older
documents that you convert to Word 2013 format.
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