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Changing line and paragraph spacing
Changing line and paragraph spacing
The distance between the lines within the paragraphs as well
as between the paragraphs themselves is an important factor
in the readability of your text. If the lines are crowded together
vertically or spaced too far apart, readers might find it difficult
to keep their eyes trained on the right line.
within a paragraph is 15 percent larger than for single-spaced
text. You might prefer to use single spacing for some kinds of
text, and larger spacing for other kinds.
In text that has no first-line paragraph indents, added space
between paragraphs is the only visual cue that signals the start
of a new paragraph. In Word, you can set the amount of space
to add both before and after each paragraph.
In the Normal style in Word 2013, the default spacing is 1.15
lines—that is, the distance between the baselines (the bottoms
of the letters, as determined by the base of the letter “m”)
Change spacing between lines within a
1 Select the paragraphs that you want to format.
2 On the Home tab, in the Paragraph group, click the Line And Para-
graph Spacing button.
3 If you see the line spacing you want in the list, click to apply it. Oth-
erwise, continue to step 4.
4 If you want a line spacing that isn’t in the list, click Line Spacing
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