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Changing line and paragraph spacing
3 In the Paragraph dialog box, in the Spacing section, enter the
amount of added space that you want before each selected para-
graph in the Before box.
4 In the After box, enter the amount of added space that you want
after each selected paragraph.
5 Click OK.
TRY ThIs You can enter the measurements for the amount of
space in any units by using the associated abbreviation: pt for
points; in for inches; cm for centimeters; mm for millimeters; or li for
lines. Word automatically converts your entry to the equivalent
number of points (where 1 inch = 72 points) when you click OK, as
you’ll see if you reopen the dialog box.
CAuTIon The Don’t Add Space Between Paragraphs Of The
Same Style option is useful mostly in the definitions of styles
such as those used in numbered lists or bulleted lists. If you select the
check box when you have selected some text but you aren’t modifying
a style, the option applies only to the selection, not to all paragraphs
with the same style.
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