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Adding borders and shading
Adding borders and shading
A color background shade behind a heading, a quote, or other
important text serves to draw your readers’ attention. Lines
under headings and boxes around special text are other design
elements in your toolbox. You can create these effects easily by
using buttons on the ribbon. For more control, you can use the
Borders And Shading dialog box.
Add borders and shading by using ribbon
1 Select the paragraph or part of a paragraph that you want to
2 To add background shading, on the Home tab, in the Paragraph
group, click the down-arrow on the Shading button.
3 In the shading colors gallery, point to the various color samples and
watch the live preview in the selected text. If one of the colors is
satisfactory, click it to apply the shading.
TRY ThIs If you want a shading color that isn’t one of the
theme colors or standard colors in the gallery, click More Colors
and use the color picker in the Colors dialog box.
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