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Adding borders and shading
4 To add a border, in the Paragraph group, on the Borders button,
click the down-arrow to display a drop-down list of border options.
5 Point to the items in the drop-down list and watch the live preview
in the selected text. If one of the borders is satisfactory, click it to
apply the border.
6 If you want lines to border the paragraph on more than one side,
but not a complete box border, you can repeat steps 4 and 5 and
select the additional options that you want.
For example, if you want a border both above and below a para-
graph, such as you might for a sidebar or a pull quote, apply the
Top Border as just described and then go back and apply the
Bottom Border in the same way.
TIP If you want to repeat the same shading or border as you
used most recently, click the Shading button or the Borders
button instead of the button’s arrow. The icon on the button shows the
most recent color or border.
TIP If you select a word or sentence but less than a whole
paragraph, you can only surround it with a complete box
border, not individual lines.
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