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Adding borders and shading
3 In the Borders And Shading dialog box, click the Borders tab.
4 In the Setting column, click an icon that represents the type of
border that you want.
5 In the Style list, click the type of line that you want.
6 In the Color and Width drop-down lists, choose the desired color
and line width.
7 If you want more than one side but not a complete box border, click
the buttons around the preview to turn them off or on.
8 Click the Shading tab.
9 In the Fill box, select the desired color.
10 If you want, you can add a pattern of a second color by
choosing a style other than Clear and then choosing a color.
11 Click OK.
TIP If you selected less than a complete paragraph in step 1,
you can choose Text or Paragraph in the Apply To drop-down
list in the Borders And Shading dialog box. When you choose Text, the
borders and shading affect only the selected part of the paragraph.
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