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Building a bulleted or numbered list
building a bulleted or numbered list
You can use lists to break large topics into small, easily under-
stood pieces. A numbered list is appropriate when you describe
the steps in a procedure that should be done in a particular
order. Also, a numbered list is a good format for placing similar
items in priority order. A bulleted list can contain steps that can
be done in any order, or items of equal priority.
When you start a bulleted or numbered list, Word 2013 applies
the bullets or numbers automatically to each new item, and
applies a hanging indent to the text of each item. If you move
numbered paragraphs within the list, Word automatically
renumbers them. You can restart the numbering to create a
separate list, or include unnumbered paragraphs within the list.
Apply bullets or numbering
1 Click in the paragraph that will contain the first item of the list.
2 On the Home tab, in the Paragraph group, click the Bullets button
to start a bulleted list or click the Numbering button to start a
numbered list.
3 After you enter text for each item of the list, press Enter to start the
next item.
4 When you’ve entered the last item of the list, press Enter twice to
turn off the list tool.
TRY ThIs Create a numbered list of three or four paragraphs.
Select the last paragraph of the list and drag it to the beginning
of the first paragraph of the list. Watch as Word renumbers the
paragraphs to maintain the correct order.
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