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Changing the bullets or numbering
select from the numbering Library
1 Click in the paragraph that is to be the first item of the list.
2 On the Home tab, in the Paragraph group, click the down-arrow on
the Numbering button.
3 If you like one of the numbering formats in the gallery, click it
to apply it to the entire list. Otherwise, continue to step 4.
4 Click Define New Number Format.
5 In the Define New Number Format dialog box, in the Number Style
drop-down list, select the desired kind of numbering.
6 If you want to apply different character formatting to the number
or letter, click the Font button and select the font, size, color, or
other formatting. Note that this formatting does not affect the text
of the list items.
7 If you want to include static text (text that doesn’t change) before
or after the list item’s number or letter, or if you want different
punctuation, edit the text in the Number Format text box.
8 Click OK.
TIP When you create a new number format, Word automatically
adds it to the Numbering Library. If you don’t plan to use a
custom format again, you can remove it from the Library by right-clicking
it and then, on the shortcut menu that appears, click Remove.
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