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Changing numbering values
Changing numbering values
You can mix numbered list paragraphs and unnumbered para-
graphs in any order. You can format the unnumbered para-
graphs with the same indent as the numbered paragraphs so
that they act as a continuation of the preceding list item, or you
can format them as ordinary non-list text.
Word 2013 also makes it possible for you to change the number
of any numbered list paragraph. You have the option either to
restart the numbering at 1 or to skip over some numbers and
start at whatever number you need. When you change a para-
graph’s number, Word automatically renumbers all the para-
graphs in the list that follow it.
Include unnumbered paragraphs in a list
1 Press Enter at the end of the numbered paragraph before the para-
graph that will be unnumbered.
2 Click the Numbering button to turn it off.
3 Type one or more paragraphs of unnumbered text.
4 If you want to indent the unnumbered paragraphs so that they
appear to be part of the list, select those paragraphs, on the Home
tab, in the Styles group, click the dialog box launcher and apply the
List Continue 2 style.
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