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6 Building impressive documents
Building impressive
In this section:
Although you’ll find Microsoft Word 2013 useful for letters, memos,
Inserting a section break
and other short tasks, the power of Word becomes obvious when you
use it for longer and more complex documents that must make a good
impression on your audience. Whether you write a newsletter, a report,
or a marketing brochure, Word has the tools to help that document stand
Inserting headers and footers
Choosing page size, margins, and
Changing the number of columns
Applying a border around a page
You might create Word documents in which all of the pages have the same
headers or footers, the same page measurements, and the same number
of columns. In some documents, though, those formats need to change
from one page to another. You’ll learn how section breaks make that
Inserting a cover page
Working with the Normal template
Finding and downloading templates
Customizing or designing a template
Some layouts should be repeated in many different documents, either to
maintain a recognizable look within a series or to meet the requirements
of a corporation, academic body, or other types of organizations. Word
fills that need by using templates, which are files that save your styles,
colors, and other tools. When you need a new document of a certain type,
the template can supply everything you need to maintain a consistent
look and feel to your documentation.
Basing a new document on a custom
Designing a template for two-sided
Using themes and style sets
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