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Inserting headers and footers
Edit an existing header or footer
1 On the Home tab, in the Paragraph group, click the Show/Hide ¶
2 Double-click the header or footer area to open it.
3 Position the cursor where you want to edit the text.
The default styles named Header and Footer include a center-aligned
tab stop in the middle of the page and a right-aligned tab stop at
the right margin, so you can press the Tab key to move to those
4 Enter any additional text or fields that you want; delete any items
that you don’t want.
5 On the Header & Footer Tools | Design contextual tab, click Close
Header And Footer to return to the main text area.
CAuTIon If you insert a header building block and then insert
a page number building block from the Top Of Page gallery in
the Page Number button, the header building block is automatically
removed. The same behavior occurs with a footer building block and
the Bottom Of Page gallery on the Page Number button. To combine a
header or footer building block and a page number in the same
paragraph, use the Current Position gallery on the Page Number
button, instead.
TRY ThIs To change the page number that appears on the first
page of a section (and to renumber all other pages in the
section), on the Insert tab, in the Header & Footer group, click Page
Number and then, at the bottom of the gallery that opens, click Format
Page Numbers. In the Page Number Format dialog box, click the Start
At option button and enter the number for the first page of the section.
sEE ALso For information about making headers or footers
different from those in the preceding section, see “Unlinking a
header” on page 232.
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