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Choosing page size and margins
5 In the Page Setup dialog box, type the desired measurements in the
Width and Height text boxes.
6 If you selected text in step 1, click the Apply To drop-down list and
click Selected Text.
When you choose this option, a Next Page section break will be
inserted automatically between the selected text and any unse-
lected text that occurs before or after the selection.
7 If your printer has several ways to handle paper, you can choose the
options in the Paper Source section for the first page and for the
other pages.
The items in these lists are supplied by the printer driver, so they
might differ from one brand or model of printer to another.
8 Click OK.
TIP Word can’t create a page larger than 22 inches (558.7 mm)
in either direction, regardless of the maximum size the printer
driver allows.
TRY ThIs Instead of letting Word automatically insert Next
Page section breaks before and after selected text, on the Page
Layout tab, in the Page Setup group, click Breaks and insert the desired
type of section breaks. Then, click in the section that you want to
change and click the desired size in the Size gallery. For more informa-
tion about section break types, see “Inserting a section break” on page
TIP If you want all new blank documents based on the
Normal.dotm template to start with the size you selected, click
Set As Default. Then, click Yes when you are asked whether you want to
change the default settings.
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