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Changing the page orientation
Changing the page orientation
Although most documents use portrait orientation (in which the
page height is greater than the width), tables and graphs some-
times require landscape orientation (the width is greater than
the height) for a few pages. You can also print signs and posters
with different orientations.
In a document that contains both portrait and landscape pages,
you might want all the headers on both kinds of pages to
appear in the same place and facing the same way. Word 2013
doesn’t have an automatic way to do that, but this task explains
how to make it happen.
select an orientation
1 If you want to apply an orientation to part of your document that’s
different from the orientation of the rest of the document, insert
section breaks before and after the part you want to change.
2 Click within the section that you want to change.
3 On the Page Layout tab, in the Page Setup group, click Orienta-
tion and then, in the drop-down list that appears, click Portrait or
CAuTIon The choices on the Orientation button always apply
to the entire document unless you insert section breaks first.
For more information about inserting section breaks, see “Inserting a
section break” on page 136.
TIP When you print a document on both sides of the paper
and that document contains both portrait and landscape pages,
Word always rotates the landscape pages clockwise (to the right). You
might be able to rotate the landscape pages counterclockwise by using
a setting in the Printer Properties dialog box, depending on the printer
driver for your specific printer. Alternatively, you can print the
landscape pages separately by using the Manual Duplex setting on the
Print tab of the Backstage view.
TIP On the Print tab of the Backstage view, you can choose
whether to print the document on one side of each sheet or on
both sides. There are two choices for two-sided printing: flip the pages
on the long edge, or on the short edge. Flipping on the long edge is
appropriate for most documents, whereas flipping on the short edge is
appropriate for documents that contain only landscape pages.
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