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Changing the number of columns
Changing the number of columns
Some documents contain long, unbroken blocks of text. If you
use a common layout with a text width of more than 6 inches
(15 cm), that text will be uninviting and hard to read. In news-
letters, brochures, and similar documents, it’s best to format the
text in two or more narrower columns.
In Word 2013, you can create sections—on the same page or on
different pages—with different numbers of columns. For exam-
ple, you can place a heading in a one-column section, followed
by body text in two or three columns.
set up a multicolumn section
1 Select the text that you want to format into multiple columns.
2 On the Page Layout tab, in the Page Setup group, click Columns.
3 If you want to use one of the layouts shown in the Columns gallery,
click it to apply it to the selected text. Otherwise, continue to step 4.
4 At the bottom of the gallery, click More Columns.
TIP If you want all the columns of a section to end at approxi-
mately the same height, insert a Continuous section break at
the end of the last paragraph of the last column.
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