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Applying a border around a page
4 If you want a different style, color, or width for one or more of the
page sides, first click one of those sides in the preview to remove it.
Then, change the style, color, or width and click the same side in the
preview to insert the new line.
5 If you want to limit the border to a particular section, in the Apply
To drop-down list, choose the desired setting.
6 Click Options to set the distance of the border from the text or
from the edge of the page.
If you choose to measure from the text, you can also specify
whether to include the header and footer areas within the border.
7 Click OK.
TIP The 3-D setting in the Borders And Shading dialog box
produces the same result as the Box setting, unless you choose
one of the line styles that isn’t symmetric (for example, a thin line and a
thick line).
TIP Some of the line styles offer a greater selection of widths
than others.
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