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Finding and downloading templates
Finding and downloading templates
With a little searching on the Internet, you can find templates
for almost any kind of document that you can imagine. You
might be able to base documents on those templates directly,
or you might need to modify them to suit your needs better.
Microsoft offers hundreds of templates for free download from
the website, and you can search for them from the
Backstage view in Word 2013.
get templates from
1 Click File to display the Backstage view and then click the New tab.
2 Scroll through the Backstage view page to look at the thumbnails of
some sample templates.
3 If you find a template that’s suitable for your new document, click
its thumbnail to open a preview dialog box. Then, click Create to
download the template to your User Templates folder and create a
document based on that template. Otherwise, continue to step 4.
CAUTION When you download any files from the Internet,
first be sure that you know and trust their source. Take extra
care with templates, because they can contain virus-like programs
written as macros. Do not store templates in a trusted folder (described
on page 387) until you have opened them in Protected View and
determined that they are safe to use.
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