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Designing a template
7 Enter any text and graphics that should be in the body of all docu-
ments based on this template. Save the template frequently as you
8 Insert a table to position items that must be aligned in rows or that
must stay in fixed locations on the page. You can insert content
controls or merge fields into the table’s cells.
sEE ALso For more information about inserting content
controls, see “Inserting content controls” on page 217. For more
information about inserting merge fields, see “Adding merge fields” on
page 341.
TIP If you want to turn off all of a table’s borders so that they
won’t print or show on screen, click in the table and press
Ctrl+Alt+U. To see where the table’s cells are, on the Table Tools | Layout
contextual tab, in the Table group, click View Gridlines.
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