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Basing a new document on a custom template
basing a new document on a custom template
Word 2013 considers templates that you create by using the
Save As command to be custom templates . By default, the pro-
gram stores custom templates in the Custom Office Templates
folder within your My Documents folder. If you’ve used previous
versions of Word, which stored all templates in the User Tem-
plates folder, you’ll recognize this as a significant change.
If a path is specified for the optional Workgroup Templates
location (see “Working with advanced options” on page 436),
links for Featured and Shared appear on the New page. Click
the Shared link to display the templates in the Workgroup
Templates location. The Featured link returns the display to the
original New page.
Before you create any custom templates, the New page of the
Backstage view displays thumbnails for recently used templates,
for files in the Templates folder on your computer, and for files
that are available to download from
After you create your first custom template, the links change to
Featured and Custom if you have specified a Workgroup Tem-
plates location, or Featured and Personal otherwise. Click the
Custom or Personal link to display the custom templates as well
as the Workgroup Templates location if it’s specified.
use a custom template
1 Click File to display the Backstage view and then click the New tab.
Click Custom or Personal.
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