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Designing a template for two-sided printing
Insert odd and even headers and footers
1 On the Home tab, in the Paragraph group, click Show/Hide ¶ to
display nonprinting characters.
2 Your template must have at least two pages so that you can gain
access to the even-page headers and footers. If your template cur-
rently consists of a single page, click at the end of the text and press
Ctrl+Enter to insert a manual page break.
3 Double-click in the header area of the first page to open the header
4 On the Header & Footer Tools | Design contextual tab, in the
Options group, select the Different Odd & Even Pages check box.
5 Insert your choice of building block, page number, document prop-
erty, or other text in the Odd Page header, the Odd Page footer, or
both. When you insert a page number, place it at the right margin.
sEE ALso For more information about inserting building
blocks and page numbers, see “Inserting headers and footers”
on page 138. For more information about inserting document
properties, see “Using document properties” on page 223.
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